Why use  Matrix Re-imprinting?

Matrix Re-imprinting is  an innovative new way to work with E.F.T that allows the client access to view/sense and then heal and transform buried memories, 

This technique goes deeper than many other healing techniques , enabling us to find hidden pieces of ourselves that have been 'frozen' in the trauma state . We then  release the trauma, gently and completely.  At the same time negative beliefs that were formed, often whilst we were young, are discovered and re-imagined so that positive states, such as  empowerment, forgiveness,  and compassion,  can arise.


E.F.T on its own is a wonderful tool, and has the advantage that it can be used by the client on their own to often get almost immediate effects but with matrix reimprinting we are more likely to get to the root faster as the client is in touch with their subconscious healing wisdom and it serves as their guide when working in this manner. as with Matrix Re-imprinting we use E.F.T on ourselves during the session as part of the process, Working with a practitioner allows  additional support  and is highly recommended in this modality.. The practitioner is also there to help you facilitate the  finding  of your own powerful healing resolutions. There is no need to go right into painful memories - just the knowing they are there is enough.


Keeping you Safe

It's important to note that we help the client to stay disassociated from the trauma they are seeking to clear, and can guide them if they get stuck. Sometimes we keep the client disassociated in E.F.T too so I would say for traumatic memories in both of these ways of working ,two minds  are better than one, for facilitation and also for emotional support. 


Building in Positives

Another difference from  E.F.T is that once we have removed the negative 'charge' from the event we assist the client to overlay the memory with positive features. We don't deny that the event happened but we do use visualisation techniques to build a positive feeling state in place of the old feelings and to find the wisdom we have gained once the event is processed.


Believing You Can

It doesn't matter if you are not a visual person. Just a sense of what is happening is enough for the shifts to happen.  About one in 10 people find it hard to visualise.  Some people find it hard to to accept that they are really able to positively affect memories from the past. For these people, this may not be the method of preference, however I think  it is always worth opening up to the possibility it might work better than you would expect and so I would say give it a chance before you dismiss it - you may be very pleasantly surprised with  the results....