Emotional Freedom Technique


Probably one of the simplest, most effective self help tools out there!  Anyone can do it.  E.F.T , or it's predecessor T.F.T was discovered by accident, when an experienced psychology-based therapist asked a client to tap on an energy point relating to their stomach. He knew this point, which is under the eyes, because he was learning about Chinese medicine and acupressure at the time and he thought by tapping the stomach point some of he anxiety his client was feeling, when focusing on her phobia,  might be reduced. In fact, this tapping resolved the phobia, which had been severely impacting the woman's life,. From then on he knew this was an area for further research and study and he went on to develop a successful system, with many merits,  used for emotional and physical issues.

Since then, E.F.T has mainly replaced T.F.T, as it is simpler to use and clients can tap for themselves. 

Can I use the technique on my own?


Yes, absolutely! It's a great self help tool. Points to note though are that a practitioner has training to use the best eft methods at the best times, and is on the look out for clues that can indicate what the best tapping phrases might be to facilitate deeper change. Working alone, a person may have 'blind spots' sometimes and miss golden opportunities as a result.

 Time to go deeper?

The energy moving tools I use  are often  used for specific issues that take just a few sessions  to work through which  is all good and I am very  happy to help, however I also have a  passion for working with   those seeking to journey deeper, unravelling falsehoods that limit life and create pain in so many ways. As well as emotional pain, most physical pain follows repeated energy patterns that have ultimately disrupted our systems. Thoughts out of sync with our true nature create emotions which either temporarily cause us pain or which we shield ourselves from, and which may then be buried to later be expressed as chronic dis-ease in one form or another.  Together we can explore these old wounds, often using the tapping method of eft to clear blocked energy from the system and connecting with your powerful subconscious: the inner healer.  Talking together is another way to 'peel back the layers'. There are times when I operate as a gentle pointer when a person is stuck in a groove, and can't see the wood for the trees.