Deeply Relaxing  Aromatherapy 

For me, my garden 'healing space is a sanctuary. I strive to cultivate an atmosphere of peace, and know  it as a place where the energy feels clear and good.  

My  massages focus on relaxation and healing of the whole self, not just the body. Consultations are thorough and I like to understand as much as I can about your emotional state and personality type before  carefully picking and blending my oils. There is always the option of organic and my organic oil collection is expanding. 

Healing only happens when the body relaxes deeply and the nervous system  switches into relax and restore mode. If we have been stressed over a period of time are bodyminds can get stuck in 'flight or fight mode -regular  aromatherapy is good at helping us to switch back to 'safe' improving sleep, mood and allowing healing to take place.  The oils I use will assist this process, and effort will be made to choose oils that are specific to you.


The power of massage


Massage allows lymph to circulate more freely, clearing toxins; it improves blood supply to the whole body, thus  nourishing every cell; it allows muscles to relax and the nervous system to switch from the  fight or flight syndrome back to the relax and restore mode. Every organ and system benefits greatly from just the massage alone and it is recognised the world over that regular massage can be a valuable  preventative and restorative tool for health and wellbeing.


Organic Oils

I love to use organic oils and am currently growing my collection.  Please let me know in advance if would like only organics.



Block Discounts and combined sessions


I offer discounts for clients wanting regular sessions. Please speak to me about this.

You also have the option  of  having a longer  block of time with me that includes an E.F.T or a Matrix Reimprinting session  followed by a massage or aromatherapy treatment.



*Please note:  due to the current pandemic I have taken additional infection control training and   work strictly in accordance with government guidelines. 

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