Serious About

letting life be lighter

letting go of pain

opening up to more of what we are


Name:  Anna Kaye. 

Long time seeker/finder, explorer, light spark.

'Big Self' playing 'little self (as we all are)'.

Waking up to the dream.


Hello,  thank you for visiting my website and choosing to have a peek at the page about me. Difficult to know what to say except that I have been on the path of self growth and exploration  since my teens. My life experience has been very varied,  and at times  pretty challenging for me but as a result I have more empathy and understanding  and find myself often noticing that the old feelings that used to weigh me down and make my heart ache are no longer there. Instead there is a feeling that perhaps is best described as a feeling of  living from a place of  peaceful gratitude. This amazes me on a daily basis! For some years it has come and gone and I have put it down to a feeling that 'someone loving me'  though I had to guess about this as I was never quite sure who...   Now I realise  it comes from just being. That is, being oneself - Oneself - without perpetually stumbling over the programs that make us feel sad, angry, small, hurt, very often getting in the way.  Yes, sometimes they do still come, but more and more that heart-centred peace is staying put.

All I really want to do is offer tools that have helped me,  and continue to help me, to forge an ever deeper path into that remembrance of the true nature that underlies everything.  There are no quick fixes, and for me it has really been a life's journey, but I couldn't begin to tell you how pleased I am to have found I know I am  coming home at last!