A new way of seeing?

So many of us are seeking peace and yet it can seem so elusive. We may find the peace and quiet of nature deeply healing and yet , even if we are lucky enough to be able to afford to escape to the wilds, the jostle and bustle of the world and the emotional undercurrent of the past have inevitably to be faced again. There is an option for us here to choose peace at the centre through self acceptance  and the deep rewriting of our inner 'scripts'.


Does  science support this?

Mainstream science does not hold a fixed opinion . The standard teaching has been that we are controlled by our genes, however there is emerging dissent about the established views and  some scientists, one of them notably Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Harvard trained neurobiologist, who put forward the case that in fact we, via our thoughts, are able to switch our genes on and off, so making us responsible for our genetic, and so health and emotional wellbeing, outcomes,.  This science also hypotheses, and the hypothesis has not been disproved, that each cell has its own consciousness, and that this consciousness connects it to the underlying Universal Field.  It is known that every cell in the body is primarily energy, composed of 00001% matter ,all the rest being energy. All this energy is brimming with information which we can tune in and out of to bring ourselves different forces of attraction and therefore completely different life experiences. 


What can I offer you?

The Emotional Freedom Technique and it's younger cousin, Matrix Re-imprinting,' are tools I use, that have been found to effectively eliminate the trauma we carry, both in our conscious and subconscious minds.  In order to heal fully and find the inner peace we seek we often need to get to the early memories that are imprinted before the age of 7.  This work allows us to get in touch with buried memories if we choose, so that deep and complete release of trauma, and therefore healing,  may ensue.  Both of these methods use a gentle tapping technique to tune the client into a memory and then to resolve the active charge that keeps us looping into cycles of uncomfortable negative emotion.  E.F.T is a fast-growing method that has earned its  popularity nd is evidence based. 

 I also  offer full body massage therapy  and  aromatherapy, both of which are great stand alone treatments  but also complement my other therapies very well.

Sessions are available in lines with current coronavirus guidelines. I have a post Covid 19 infection control certificate and full insurance.  Generally, bodywork  treatments are from my home or at the Horam Natural Therapy Centre, but in some instances I can be mobile. Please ask.

Consultations to discuss presenting issues  can take place in advance via zoom and are free.


Anna's Training:-


Foundation in Counselling

BodyTalk Practitioner Level 3

EFT Practitioner at level 3

Reiki Master

Matrix Re-imprinting

Aromatherapy Level 3




E.F.T: I hour £40

Matrix Reimprinting: 1 hour 15 mins:£55

Face to face sessions £45+

Also, long morning or afternoon sessions available in accordance with current guidelines ,to those wishing to have aromatherapy massage as well as other healing, or talking  time for the purpose of spiritual growth.  

Discounts for regulars

Concessions available